Saturday, November 5, 2011

From the archives...

Totally unlike most of my work, and yet everything like it. Farm (because that is my natural default brain location, despite my never having lived in the country). Woman (because I always felt more confident drawing women rather than men. Something about the lips and hair; the fellas always looked... different...). Person being rather more wistful than the situation requires (if you loved Anne of Green Gables as much as I did and played countless games of "Orphanage" with your best friend, you would know that she's actually just as wistful as she should be.).

She's my girl and there's a nice wind rustling through the windbreak and the sky is more pink and yellow than it is blue and that sweet corn is going to be so good that maybe that's all she's going to have for supper. I don't know who took the picture, and I don't know who else is in the house. Maybe there'll be a hand or two of cards and a few bottles of beer and some popcorn. They'll probably hear the cows and the wind and plan for tomorrow. 

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