Friday, September 4, 2015

Thanks, internet rando


...for saying my art is not a "work of art," with the implication that it is thus somehow unworthy. Though I have had art classes, I am not a trained artist, which means that my work could be called "outsider art." It could be less charitably said that it's complete crap, even though my friends and family rave over it, as well as the people who have purchased my work. So after I was politely insulted, I thought about the work I produce. I thought about it a lot as I started this drawing and I realized that even if my work is crap, gol dang, I enjoy the act of creation. And I like what I make. So thanks, whoever you are. I know you set out to cut me down for your own reasons, but I produce tangible work that brings me joy. This room is based off a twenty year old memory of a room in my Great Aunt Tootie and Great Uncle Bjarne Stengl's house. I believe the room actually had a television set instead of a record player, and while Aunt Tootie was a live wire, she would never have had such disparate furnishings.

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