Saturday, October 29, 2011

Botanical Quick Sketches

 I scanned these in black and white; they should probably have been scanned in color instead just to preserve some crispness of the lines. 

My high school art teacher once (was it many times?) had us do an exercise in which we were only given a specified period of time to capture the essence of whatever it was we were looking at, starting with five minutes, then two minutes, then one minute and then only thirty seconds.  (Or maybe I invented this memory?  I'm pretty sure that happened).  It was astonishing to see the different styles and that we all mostly captured the object well enough to tell what it was. (Pinecone? I surely remember drawing a pinecone because my parents have it on their wall right now.)

These floral sketches break and follow the rules: I took no more than 4:02 to draw any one of them (I used Lady Gaga's Just Dance as my timer, so to speak.  Actually, I was just really enjoying that song, so I had it on repeat...), but these are all from my imagination and not from three still lifes.  I'm not money, honey. (Which is a different Gaga reference.)

Angelique tulip, muscari, lilies
Bells of Ireland, begonia leaf, bleeding heart, zinnia, closed campanula

peony, peony bud, lily of the valley

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