Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspiration: Black Narcissus

Have you ever seen Black Narcissus?  I've never read the Rumer Godden novel (although as a little girl I loved her stories about dolls), so I'm not sure if the movie was supposed to be as fearsome as it ended up being.  Black Narcissus is one of those stories that is somehow able to remind me of a time of fear in which I'm so afraid that I can feel the ground slipping out beneath me.  You wouldn't think a story about nuns would do that, but this movie is so very, very good.

Where I began with this and where it ended up, tugged along by the memory of Lotte Reiniger's Adventures of Prince Achmed, are two separate things.  A lot happens over time.

I'd like to pretend that you can see shades of two of my favorite artists, Kara Walker and Julie Mehretu.

I am informed by my peanut gallery this looks like Pixar; that wasn't my intention.

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